• Š•mployees came to work on time
    Introduction of a control system by the employees themselves to each other
  • Boost engagement
    Involvement of staff in the interaction of employees among themselves and between departments
  • Problem solving
    Involvement of staff in interaction with each other, identifying and solving company problems

Employees criticize each other and blame another department for what went wrong
An online system of recognition of merits MERITER between employees and a bonus fund for this has been introduced. The employees began to thank each other
The program at the enterprise is valid for 7 months.
79% of employees participate in the program.
The most popular recognition categories are:
1) Help, support, assistance
2) Diligence and great work done
3) Innovation, creativity, technical improvements
4) Operational professional work
5) Team spirit
There was a decrease in staff turnover, an increase in the reputation of the HR team in the eyes of the team, the introduction of a mutual support system and an improvement in interaction between employees, a multiple decrease in complaints between departments was noted

The company grew very quickly from a family company to a medium-sized business with 170 employees. People formally went to work, a large number of questions and tasks accumulated and were not resolved
An online system of recognition of merits MERITER by category has been introduced:
1) for the company
2) for the team
3) we need it
Bonus fund allocated
Employees began to thank each other, initiate and solve problems. Interaction between employees has improved, informal interaction has appeared. Without attracting an additional budget, employees themselves solved such tasks as ordering passes, sharing knowledge, analyzing competitors and other matters

Employees of the Social Innovation Laboratory believed that they were saving the world and allowed themselves to be late for work and meetings on a regular basis, only 40% of employees came on time, one person walked around as a warden and asked everyone to come on time
An online system of recognition of merits MERITER for timely arrival at the office and meetings has been introduced. Each department daily received as many points out of 100% as people came on time (for example, if 10 people out of 10 came, then 100 points were awarded, and if 5 people out of 10, then 50 points). Employees accrued these points to each other further for mutual assistance. 100% points = 100% allocated bonus fund
98% of employees began to come to work and meetings on time. Employees began to thank each other for mutual help and monitor each other themselves so that everyone arrives on time, as all employees became interested in this and their bonus fund depends on it

Reduced staff turnover
Innovative and comprehensive way to increase employees' motivation to work for your company
Improved HR brand
New advantage in competing with other employers over valuable employees
Efficient and easy way to see whether specific applicant is a good fit for your company
Bonus fund distribution
Meriter allows any bonus distribution to becomes more transparent. It creates goodwill and eliminates disagreements
Problem solving
Meriter allows for mobilization of collective initiative to solve new or urgent problems
Impact projects and CSR
Involvement of employees, customers and partners in the social projects of the company

Customer retention
Long-term connections and increased loyalty for the client community
Identification of needs
Customer development of the product by the customer community
Crowdsourcing of ideas
Joint product development with your customers
Repeat purchases
Upselling and retaining loyalty
Reducing content costs
UGC: user generated content
Help with moderation
Involving users in moderation and helping the community, and rewarding them for doing so
Volunteers offline/online
Involving users in social projects of the company
Social projects and Impact
Involving users in social projects of the company
  • Quick Start
    You can start using the platform on the day of purchase. You do not need to involve IT specialists to launch.
  • Easy for employees
    You and your staff can communicate in the same way and place as you do now. Meriter is integrated into all the most used communication channels. It does not require their transfer to a separate platform
MERITER is ready to go in your company
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