Impact projects and CSR
Involvement of employees, customers and partners in the social projects of the company
When you want to involve employees, customers and partners in socially significant projects of the company.
The tool
Meriter provides a tool that allows you to motivate employees to join a corporate initiative, and to highlight and encourage social activities in the community of staff and customers
Using Meriter, you will be able to interest more people to join social activities and to start active work, giving them easily understood motivation through the Meriter system of rewards and recognition, as well as improve the image and impact of the company with minimal costs, by employees, customers, and partners.
Choose your goals
Choose tasks for which employees will receive recognition and points from colleagues
Add the platform to your current staff communication platforms
Set goals in your discussions with employees
Create and add a bonus fund
Receive notifications about completed tasks
Keep track of the merits of employees
The technology allows you to:
- see subjective and objective data about how employees perform;
- recognize and track their merits;
-reward staff in proportion to their merits
Get employees to agree new goals
  • focus attention of employees on priority tasks;
  • Recognise and reward improved performance
  • Quick Start
    You can start using the platform on the day of purchase. You do not need to involve IT specialists to launch.
  • Easy for employees
    You and your staff can communicate in the same way and place as you do now. Meriter is integrated into all the most used communication channels. It does not require their transfer to a separate platform
MERITER is ready to go in your company
Please leave a request for a free demo access and consultation. We will be pleased to show you how to give a try for free.
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